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I’m Gaby Hill and my passion is to empower women to live their lives more freely and fully BY helping them end the struggle with food, eating, weight and body image SO they can get on with creating richer more meaningful and fulfilled lives.

I want you to know that you don’t have to hate yourself or body anymore.

There is a way to free yourself from misery and self-loathing and I can show you how to do this. I can teach you how to start treating yourself with love and kindness and dignity and self-respect so that you can get on with living the kind of life you want to, that you only think is possible if you were thinner.



I help women free themselves from destructive disordered eating, self-judgement and criticism, and body hatred.

Society has convinced us

That we need to look a certain way, be at a certain weight and eat specific types of foods in order to be acceptable to both others and ourselves. When we are unable to achieve this ridiculous standard, we fall into harsh self-judgment and criticism, which causes immense pain and suffering.  I have spent time with countless men and women who treat themselves in ways that they would never treat another human being, or animal for that matter.

We live in a time where we are bombarded with so many conflicting, negative messages about food, weight, and dieting.  We’ve been told we’re willpower weaklings or that we need more control or that we should just eat less and exercise more. We remain constantly in search of the ultimate diet, the one that’s finally going to give us results. It can get very confusing.  And it’s not working.

Did you know

That 96-98% of us who lose weight on a Weight Loss Diet or so called Wellness Eating Plan, will put it all back on (and more!) within the next 2 years.  In fact, what researchers have found is that the very act of trying to lose weight, i.e., dieting, is what will ultimately cause us to put the weight back on.  That’s just crazy!

Don’t get me wrong; I really want you to be able to live in a healthy, energised body that is well nourished, loved, respected and taken good care of by its custodian – YOU! But we can’t diet or hate ourselves into doing it. It’s almost impossible to get where you want to go by treating yourself like crap!

It’s time for a change in perspective.

It’s time for us to take back our lives from the crazy dieting industry that would have us believe that our self worth is 100% dependent on what we weigh and what we look like. It’s time for us to make peace with our bodies, to love, value and cherish ourselves for the beautiful human beings that we are.

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Are you are a registered psychologist, health coach, qualified nutritionist, naturopath or health professional needing help with your business and personal development?

I also work with women who are therapists, coaches and healers to create meaningful lives and businesses through mentoring, building emotional resilience and confidence, and applying psychological skills to build great client relationships, improve retention and positive outcomes.

I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with 25 years of extensive therapeutic, counselling and supervisory/mentoring experience.

I have also built, run and sold a number of private practices both in South Africa and Australia, the most recent of which sees over 1000 clients pass through its doors every month.

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